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The MISSION of Heart of a King


Our Mission is to bring healthy, mature and empowered masculinity to the planet, through reconnecting men with both their full masculine power and their heart. Empowering them to access unshakable, authentic confidence, break through their limitations and to live with purpose.

I believe that for a peaceful and thriving world, we need healthy and strong individuals, relationships and family untis. By restoring the healthy masculine as a safe, powerful and reliable presence in the world, we are creating the much needed foundation for the feminine and future generations to thrive on.

Are you ready to be part of the solution and to experience deep fulfillment in your life, relationships and intimacy?

Join the Heart of a King movement and unleash your true masculine power now!

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What other men say…

“Unique and life-changing!”

For me, what sets working with Maximilian apart is that he lives what he teaches with authenticity and integrity. His energy is always inspiring to me. He provides clarity in the often challenging subject of masculinity. I can recommend him to anyone who wants to connect with themselves on a deeper level and, as a result, connect with others on a much more profound level as well.

Dennis Tränkle

“Meet women on eye level with more confidence and ease.”

It fills me with gratitude to have met Maximilian. Maximilian lays the foundation within himself. He’s sharing how you can meet women on eye level with more confidence and ease. This is about deep and authentic masculinity. Exciting areas he is covering also include: cultivating your hearts power and the teachings of loving tantric sex.

Florice Flügge

“Working with Maximilian helped me to get out of a severe depression.”

Working with Maximilian helped me to get out of a severe depression. I’m now feeling really well again. Being par tof the Heart of a King brotherhood is really strenghtening me as a man, authentically from the inside out. I am proud to be part of it!

Thomas Binder

About the founder

Maximilian Buchmann

Born in Munich, Germany, in 1990, my early life was marked by domestic violence and emotional suppression, driving me to seek healing and transformation. Hitting rock bottom in 2012, I embarked on a global journey, working with top mentors in transformation, healing, and masculinity. Over the past decade, I’ve gained powerful wisdom and tools to help men unlock their true potential in life, love, and intimacy.

Since 2020, I’ve dedicated myself to mentoring men worldwide, helping them overcome fears and limitations to unleash their masculinity. My vision is to bring mature, powerful and heart-based masculinity to the planet, creating a safe space for feminine energy and future generations. Through “Heart of a King,” I guide men to take ownership of their lives, reconnect with their true selves, and unlock their full potential.

The Heart of a King Podcast


Since 2021 you can gain powerful insights and tools from the episodes and interviews on the Heart of a King Podcast. 

Can you hear the worlds desperate calling for conscious, heart-led men to rise to the occasion of todays challenges in the world?

Join us for the Heart of a King Podcast, where you will learn how to experience the limitless nature of your sexuality & create fulfillment in your relationships.

If you want to discover what it truly takes to unleash the power of your masculinity, this Podcast is for you!

My Book


My book “Dein Ehrenkodex” (English: “Your Honor Code”) has been published in early 2023. In this book you learn, how to build real confidence, self-worth and self-trust and how you can overcome the conditioning and blockages keeping you from living a successful and fullfilled life on your own terms!

First published in German. English book coming soon!

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